Personal Project

My name is Bas Wijdenes and I am the owner of this project.
This is a personal project I started to increase my knowledge of Blazor and C Sharp.

The idea behind the project is to build it mostly modularly and use Bootstrap for my needs only.
The idea is that you only have to create the converter or the like and pour it into a template that then automatically handles the input and output, with the page also being immediately added to the navigation bar.

Much of the project was built through artificial intelligence, I did not write the converters myself.
I have come up with a prompt for this that writes 90% of the converter and page without any manual steps involved.

And most important: I do not store any data.

My Blog

In addition to this project, I have also been managing a blog on since 2015.
I received the Microsoft MVP award for this in 2022 in the PowerShell category.